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What is Family Fun Gym?

Family Fun Gym is an open gym with parent participation (certain ages), remaining within arm’s reach of the child. We are limiting each session to 50 children.  You must pre-register and pay at the time of registration. Registration closes at the start of Family Fun Gym.  The cost is $6 per session. We have specific age groups for session times which are described below. There will be a $10 charge per kid for all walk-ins at the time of Family Fun Gym .

What are the Age Groups?

  • 9 AM SESSIONS: Ages Crawling to 6 Years Old

  • 10:15 AM SESSIONS: Ages 12 Years Old and Under

What are the Rules?

  • Upon arrival, please remove shoes and/or socks for children.

  • If a child is crawling or playing on the equipment, the child must be registered and paid for.

  • If a child is participating and is not registered, we will ask you to register the child or for the parent/guardian to hold the child for the remainder of FFG.

  • Parent/Guardian must stay within sight of the child, being able to assist as needed.

  • The supervisor will let everyone know when there are 5 minutes remaining.

  • Please exit the gym at a timely manner after FFG ends.

How do I Register?

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